An Update From Wyoming

It’s been weeks and weeks since I last posted, and every time I think of my lonely blog, sitting with no posts, I feel bad.  It’s not that I have nothing to post about, its just that I have no desire to sit and write anything.

I’m in Wyoming now; I’ll be here another week.  It’s snowing outside, and it makes me feel all sorts of cozy feelings.  The house is quiet, and I just want to sit by the window, read, drink some hot tea, and watch the snow fall.

Let me outline a few things that have happened since I last made an effort to keep up a blog.

1. I cut my hair.  It’s hideous.  I meant to cut an inch or so off, and then I went and messed it up so badly that 6 inches or so came off.  It’s just up to my shoulders, but I hate it.  The only time I wear it down is when I’m about to get in the shower, and directly after, when I haven’t put it back up.  I’m just waiting for it to get long again.

2. I traveled home.  Obviously, since I’m in Wyoming now.  It’s beautiful here; it’s taken me years away to realize just how pretty it actually is.  I’ve had a good trip so far; I’ve seen almost everyone I wanted to see, and I haven’t run into anyone I didn’t want to see.  My one regret was not stopping by the school before they went on break to visit with my old teachers.  But I got to spend a good chunk of time with Shelby and Brayden, and with my nephews (time that I hope to expand on).

3. I went to my very first wedding, and I didn’t even know the couple.  I went with Ryan and April (a couple I babysat for when I lived at home) to help with the kids, and ended up enjoying myself.  The 8 hour trip both ways with screaming/fighting/crying children?  Not so much.

The best part of the wedding?  The adorable hot chocolate ornaments!

4. I got three new tattoos.  I won’t show them in this post (if you’re friends with me on Facebook, you saw them the day I had them done), because I want to write a separate post about all of my tattoos; where I went, how long they took, the prices, how I took care of them, the pain factor, etc, because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my experience with tattooing.  Because it is such an important thing to me (I do have 7 tattoos now; I fancy myself sort of a tattoo guru), I want to devote some time to it to make it a good post.

5. I’ve fallen in love with the peace of Wyoming.  It makes me not want to go back to the classes and work and stresses of Naperville.  Surprise, surprise; I don’t want to go back to school still.  I won’t run this into the ground, because if you’ve read my blog before, you know how I feel about school; if not, then I’ll leave it at: I hate school.  I hate everything about it; staying in one place for 4 years, going to classes (some that I hate), worrying about money, needing to have a full-time job even with being a full-time student, and most of all, not having the freedom to do what I want when I want to do it.

So that’s pretty much all that’s been happening with me (along with other little tiny things that would take weeks to fill you in on), and I’m off to write a few posts so I actually have them done, just in case I’m not able to post the rest of my trip.  I hope everyone is doing okay and enjoying the week leading up to Christmas.

I’ll leave you with this gratuitous picture of the winter landscape of Wyoming that I’m finding so beautiful right now.


My (Mini) Vacation

I got some new tattoos (yes, the one behind my ear DID hurt a lot, thank you for asking):

My little brother graduated:

I got pictures with the family (which is a very rare thing):

(the check I’m holding is Pat’s Army check…The money he’ll make while he’s in the guard.)

I got to play with my nephew:

And see the new one:

And I got to see Salem (which I didn’t get pictures of).

I thought I got away from the rain when I left Wyoming, but I woke up this morning to a downpour.  The rain was about an inch deep everywhere (in some places more).  I shared my umbrella, so half of me was soaked, as well as my latin books.  I hope it stops before I go to work.

A Rest

I’m leaving for Wyoming in the morning, and I’m not accepting the burden (or hassle) of trying to bring my laptop.  So that means, while I’m gone, I will not be posting.

But, keep an eye out for me when I get back (on Monday).  I’ll have tons of pictures and stories to share (along with some new tattoos…).

Have a lovely weekend!


It’s exactly one week until I go home.

Go home to a place that I said I would never go back to.

Go home to a place that I said I would never miss.

Go home to a place that I said I couldn’t wait to get away from.

It’s exactly one week until I go home.

Go home to a place that I miss with all my heart.

Go home to a place that I can’t wait to get back to.

Go home to a place that I won’t want to leave again.

It’s exactly one week until I go home.

Home is where my heart (mind, and soul) is.


I have a class called People and Nature, and it focuses on how people interact with their environment.

This course is an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of Environmental Studies from a humanities perspective. Students will read some of the most important books by American authors about the complicated and changing relationships between people and the rest of nature. These classic environmental tests offer insights into perceptions and uses of nature. This course aims to help students interpret arguments about environmental issues and understand their social, historical, and political context.  -From North Central College class catalog

The assignment for today was a “field report” about a time we went exploring into a new place.  When we were discussing our reports, the professor asked a question that stopped my in my tracks.

“If you enjoyed your explorations, why did you stop?”

I was speechless when she looked at me.  I really had no idea why I had stopped.  There were a million reasons rushing through my head, but I dismissed each one as an excuse.  I wouldn’t get lost on trails through the forest preserve.  People were willing to go with me if I didn’t want to be alone.  I had a way to get there.  Though the places here aren’t like they are at home, nature is beautiful wherever you are.

I’ve been feeling isolated, and I’m not sure what it is exactly; the lack of friends, a niche, etc (though I’m looking forward to the Open Needle Night at 6), and maybe it can be remedied by getting back into nature.  It seems like I have all these revelations, but I have a hard time following through on them.  I try to get involved at college, but I’m not as brave as I think I am.  I’m not very sociable either.  I have a hard time being with people my own age, but I do well with older adults, which will probably be the majority of Open Needle Night.

Wish me luck.

The Two Things I Won’t Miss…

Two more days until I leave Wyoming and head off to college.  Here are the two things that I won’t miss about Wyoming.

The first thing I won’t miss is the way I don’t fit in, and because I don’t fit in, the way the girls treated me.  I’ve always been out of place in Wyoming, because I’m not into sports (and God forbid you don’t like to watch them either…), and I’m not a farm girl.  I love Marilyn Manson, and I don’t like country music.  My opinions were always different than everyone else, and I wasn’t afraid to speak my mind.  All-in-all, everyone thought I belonged somewhere else, not a safe little Wyoming town.

The second thing I won’t miss is the slow internet.  It takes about an hour to download one song.  Enough said.

Now, I’m off to make a double layer coconut cake.  Yum.

My Loss in Photos…

When I looked through the photos after I took them, I was frustrated because I couldn’t show what I wanted to show.  The beauty of Wyoming in every blade of sun-bleached grass, every river rock, every pine cone.  I kept telling myself, “If you were a better photographer, you could photograph what you wanted to show.”

But then I realized that the beauty isn’t something you see just hiking one day.  The beauty I see is different from what you will see because I grew up here.  I’m looking at every blade of grass, every river rock, every pine cone through the lens of my childhood.

I understand that you won’t see what I see, because you don’t have a connection to this place, but take it for what it’s worth…

Another thing I’ll miss about Wyoming?  The water.  Nothing compares to Wyoming well water.