A Place I Can Call My Own

Moving to college, away from my family, my friends, my environment, as you know, was really hard for me, and the effects seem to be hitting me right now.  I’ve struggled to make friends, keep friends, and find somewhere where I’m accepted.  I’m shy enough that it’s hard to just talk to others, but I also don’t know how to make friends.  I came from a small town in Wyoming, and I knew everyone.  I didn’t have to make friends because I knew people, and they were automatic friends.  But here, I’m lucky if I know one person in my classes.  And if I do know them, I’m lucky if they actually like me.

I haven’t found a niche here yet, not that I’m trying all that hard.  I’m scared that I’ll get rejected instantly, and rather than face that, I just stay in my room with my door closed playing the “poor me” game, sometimes crying in bed.  I’m not fishing for pity here, I’m just stating a fact.

When I was moving back to college, I noticed a word on a window.  Fibers.  I got super excited and was almost jumping out of my skin.  It was closed all of the times I tried to go, but today when I got off of work, I headed over there.  Instantly, I felt welcome.  Just the aura of the room made me feel like I had left Naperville and went back home where everyone knew me.

I bought yarn.

100% Bamboo yarn:

100% Acrylic yarn (I’m not a huge fan of acrylic, but this is so pretty.):

There is Open Needle Night tomorrow, and I’ll be there.  This might be my niche.


Back at College

So I’m back at college and this morning went to my first class of the term.  After, I checked the mail (as always).  I had packages!  They were mostly books for class, but also, my yarn that I was super excited to get back to.

Bachelor Button: (a gorgeous dusty blue/purple)

Wisteria: (a really light purple that looks gray next to grays, blue next to blues, and purple next to purples; it would bring the purple out of Bachelor Button)

Robot: (a super light gray that instantly caught my eye…I love grays!)

French Blue: (A deep but bright ultramarine blue)

Cadet: (A silvery light blue)

I’m not sure why, but the blues and grays really caught my eye this time.  Cadet is Wool of the Andes, and all of the rest are Shine Worsted.  The Shines are all super soft and shiny (as the name sort of implies).  I haven’t had the urge to knit yet, but when it hits, I’ll be ready.


I ordered books and yarn about a week ago, and after anxiously waiting, I got both boxes all at one time today.

I got 5 books and yarn for my first hat order.

(You may notice the Kathleen E. Woodiwiss stuck in there… :) )

Hooray for mail!

Non-Video Update :)

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve actually posted a blog, but I’ve been hooked by doing videos!  They’re so much faster to do, and you can see me talking.  But I miss the way I relax when I write a blog.  Everything comes out much better.

So, if you have been watching the video updates, you’ll know that I got the yarn I ordered.  I’m so excited about starting the beret, but I need to have my needles first (hint, hint Pat!).  (I thought I did a post about it, but I guess that was just a video.)

But anyways, after classes this morning (I woke up at about 7.45, for my 8 a.m. class, and just barely got there on time..) I came back to my room, checked my Facebook, and then crawled into bed and took a nice, long, relaxing nap.  Then Kyle called, and insisted that I go eat with him.

We’re going to go to the library later, because from my last real text post, I showed you all the books I have, and one of them is due in a few days.  I want to get it back before I get fined for it.  It is Clan of the Cave Bear, and I feel some loss (although I’ve read it before), because I’m not able to start reading it.  I know if I started it right now, I could finish it before it’s due on Friday.  I don’t have class until 4 tomorrow, so I’d have plenty of time, but I need to get other things going, such as my Avon site, which I’ve been having some trouble with.

But oh, how I want to relax with my favorite book of all time…The story just whisks me away, and I could use some whisking away right now.

The Unveiling of My New Tattoo

Wow!  The past couple of days have been really long.  Unending, it seems.

I worked the whole weekend at the ranch, and Monday too.  Beth needed someone to pick her up at the airport, so that was me.  I forgot how long the drive to Rapid is.  The next day, I went to Spearfish, to help Betsy with her new computer, and then stopped into Aasylum.  I couldn’t remember if AJ (my tattoo guy) left on Tuesday or Thursday, but I was hoping the entire time while working on the computer, and eating, that he left on Thursday.
When I popped my head in, he was there!  So I got my tattoo yesterday.  Erica joined me, and also got a tattoo.  I left before hers was done, so I’m anxious to see it.  She was about 45 minutes into hers when I started, and mine only took MAYBE 10 minutes.  Getting my star fixed hurt so much more than my other tattoo.  But I’m happy with both of them, and I’m glad I decided to get them done yesterday, so they’ll be healed before Florida.

Also, I got some yarn yesterday while I was in Spearfish, killing time before my tattoo appointment.  I found the cutest summer colors in Lily Sugar ‘n Cream worsted weight cotton.  I want to maybe make a baby hat for Kim’s new baby, because one of the colorways I picked out (“Sunny Sky”) is a summer-y baby color.  I also got around to photographing my Knit Picks yarn (Wool of the Andes, “Williamsburg”) for my scarf.  I have a lot of knitting to do.  I can’t wait.

(Left to Right Colorways: “Over the Rainbow”, “Key Lime Pie”, and “Sunny Sky”.)

I also started on “The Shelters of Stone”.  I finished “The Plains of Passage” a few days ago while I was at work.  “Eat, Pray, Love” is still sitting, waiting to be read with a bookmark stuck at Part Two.  I’m probably going to be reading it on the plane when I go to Naperville, or Florida.

Oh, and with the money I didn’t spend yesterday, my college fund got a little fatter.

They itch.